Palin inexperienced? Not really

Greta van Susteren took a look at the “inexperienced” criticism of Sarah Palin by interviewing people who worked with Palin in Alaska.  She spoke with the current mayor of Wasilla, which is — surprise! — one of the five largest cities in Alaska, and with the commander of the Alaska National Guard.  Greta also gets to the bottom of her battle with oil companies in her state in this lengthy video from Fox News last night:

I especially liked the part with Major General Craig Campbell, who explained that governors are a little more than just figureheads as the C-in-C of National Guard troops. Palin took that task seriously, traveling to Kuwait to check on Alaska’s troops deployed in the war zone shortly after her election and involving herself in planning for their well-being. Campbell also criticizes the national press for reporting incorrectly on the Guard and governors’ roles in running its units. Governor Palin ordered the deployment of the Guard just this past week — to Louisiana, in assistance to the Hurricane Gustav area.

We also find out that Mayor Palin conducted a wedding in an unusual location at the request of the couple. Barack Obama attacks Wal-Mart; Sarah Palin officiated a wedding there.

Update: My friend Jazz gives this a critical look, but in a respectful and rational manner.  Be sure to read it, but I want to focus on his conclusion:

At the end of our analysis, it is clear that Sarah Palin has some, limited experience in matters of governance, and it will be up to each of us to decide if that amounts to a lot or a little. But if you have made your bones in political analysis for months on end leading the call of how inexperienced Barack Obama is, (which I maintain is a fair charge to level against the Democratic nominee) I still find that it requires a rather large pillar of salt to turn around and stake Palin’s claim to being a heartbeat away from the presidency based on her own length and breadth of service.

And since Obama has no experience at all in governance, and since he’s running for the Presidency itself, what exactly does that say for Obama?  He won’t be a heartbeat away from the highest executive office in American politics, he’ll be in the White House if he wins.  Attacking Palin’s “limited” executive experience boomerangs directly on Obama’s complete lack of same.  Also, the longer this goes as a debate between Obama and Palin, the stronger it makes John McCain.