Alert the Media, and a new Obama "ad" for Kentucky

After taking most of the day off after getting three fillings replaced and a cracked tooth repaired, I’ll crawl out of my shell for a few minutes tonight to speak with CHQR’s Rob Breakenridge on The World Tonight at 8:05 CT. CHQR has an Internet feed if you’re not in Calgary, and they also podcast their shows. Rob and I will be talking about the endorsement of John Edwards for Barack Obama and its effect on the Democratic primaries, as well as other election news.

In the meantime, and since I plan on using this tongue-in-cheek video on tomorrow’s Ed Morrissey Show with Duane Patterson, here’s a quick, satirical “ad” for Barack Obama’s efforts in Kentucky. If he’s going to produce campaign material with electric crosses in the background, why not go the full Messiah? Enjoy!