MS-NBC debates media bias without discussing .... MS-NBC

If MS-NBC wants to wring its hands over media bias, they need look no further than their own anchorman and highest-profile pundit. Instead of talking about Keith Olbermann and Chris “Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews and their obvious tilt towards Barack Obama, the cable channel gathered a few talking heads to discuss whether pundits have committed bias by declaring Hillary Clinton’s campaign over after her big loss in North Carolina. The verdict? Her campaign is only mostly dead:

There’s a certain irony to the spectacle here as all four pundits completely manage to miss the elephant in the MS-NBC studio. How can MS-NBC discuss media bias in any credible fashion without noting that its own highest-profile “talent” has been so blatantly in the bag for Obama for months? For that matter, the channel has become so anti-Republican, and in Olbermann’s case so outright hostile to anyone on Obama’s right, that talking about media bias as a negative makes no sense at all.

The group concludes that pundits have a right to their opinions, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the process. Bully for them. Maybe they can tell that to Matthews and Olbermann.