Video: Hillary dodges sniper fire to get to Leno

The video that launched a thousand e-mails has arrived at Hot Air — and yes, Hillary Clinton’s explanation is still exceedingly lame. Only the first couple of minutes will be of interest, but pay attention to a couple of points she tosses into the mix while explaining away the Tuzla Dash. She’s visited 80 nations while representing her country — including many war zones?

First, she still wants to sell this as a bad moment caused by sleep deprivation. She’s told this Tuzla Dash story on at least four occasions, as far back as December. When one of her companions on the trip recalled it differently, she publicly ridiculed him for it and produced a supposed eyewitness to the dangerous landing and run to the building. Only after video and pictures of it appeared did she back away from the story.

So let’s ask Hillary this: what other war zones did she visit as First Lady? And did she take 15-year-old Chelsea to those as well?