Media brownout

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It is not quite the case that the media totally ignored the IRS whistleblower testimony to the House Oversight Committee.

But they sure did a good job of burying the news down deep in the equivalent of dropping an important fact in the 38th paragraph of an article. If you go to the websites of the major news outlets you have to search for the story, since it doesn’t appear on the front pages of any but a couple, and on those it is treated as a secondary story buried well under the headlines.


Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics was gobsmacked enough by the seeming indifference of the MSM to the story that he actually went and looked at the websites of the major news outlets to see how they are selling the story, and let’s just say it gets the same treatment as those failed products you find in the clearance bins of the local grocery store. Sad, unnoticed, and with only the bargain shoppers ever looking to see what gem might be hidden among the crud.

Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that in a normal world where the media was vaguely interested in doing its job, this story would be getting a tad more attention than it is. I think it is fair to say that if the occupant of the White House was named Bush or Trump the reaction would have been a bit different, with blaring headlines, talk of impeachment, and speculations about who would man the firing squads for all involved.

There would be dark talks about collusion with China, Russia, Ukraine, and the aliens who fly around in Jazz’s imagination (I couldn’t resist).


The stories that do exist are framed in such a way as to leave the impression that any accusations are absurd and/or nitpicky and that the people investigating or revealing facts are motivated by irrational hatred. What you don’t get is any sense at all that the accusations are grave and go directly to the issue of whether we live in a country of laws, not men.


They don’t because the answer is clear: we live in a country where the laws don’t apply if you are the right sort of person, meaning a Democrat. Democrats broke the law to go after Trump, and that was A-OK. You can lie to the courts and that is A-OK. You can commit massive fraud on the American people, lie to Congress, and violate all sorts of procedural rules and laws, but if you are going after an evil Republican it is virtuous.

But take note of a clear perversion of justice to cover up a massive influence-peddling scheme run by Democrats and you will be ignored and/or derided. Nothing but a political hit job. After all, it isn’t as if this is a dossier made up out of whole cloth by Hillary Clinton apparatchiks in service of saving America from having a Republican in office.

Those of us who are political obsessives will know what was said and have evaluated the credibility of the charges, but the average person is not a political obsessive (thank God!) and relies on others to filter the news for them, assess its importance, and present a summary of the important stories that they can rely on.  They know that this is imperfect, but there are only 24 hours in a day, and they have jobs, and kids, and prefer sports or something similarly interesting to being obsessed with the doings of modestly intelligent people being nasty and screwing with our lives.

It is natural to outsource such matters–that is in fact why we live in a Republic and not a pure democracy. Division of labor. But when the people whose job it is to watch over the politicians are themselves nothing but propagandists for one side, as it is now, we no longer live in a functioning Republic.


As bad as the Bidens and their minions are, the media is now more dangerous to America than corrupt politicians. Because without the massive efforts of the media to cover up for Joe he would never have been president and would have been abandoned by the Democrat Party long ago as too corrupt, too stupid, and too infirm to be president.

My level of contempt for these people is infinite.

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