It's time to fight back!

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Donald Trump is being persecuted.

We all know that. Whether you love him or loathe him, by now it is obvious that the Establishment has decided that Trump and his supporters are a mortal threat to their power and they intend to crush both him and anybody associated with him.


In 2015 and 2016, the Establishment loved Donald Trump with a passion. He was simultaneously great copy and TV, and a sure loser in their view. His nomination was certain to lead the Republican Party to a crushing defeat and a permanent loss of power, and they were all for that. A third and fourth Obama term would solidify their power base forever.

Then Trump won. It was the political equivalent, in their eyes, of 9/11. Trump’s rising to power was an existential threat, and his supporters were the moral equivalent of al Qaeda. They even used that language, repeating endlessly the fact that Trump supporters were “terrorists.” Today, even parents at school board meetings are terrorists because they are a threat to the regime.

Trump’s indictment was made inevitable not by anything Trump did, but by his very existence as a symbol around which his supporters rallied. Trump and MAGA have to be destroyed, and after seven years of vicious attacks, two failed impeachments, and a terribly flawed and rigged election, the Establishment wants Trump in jail for the rest of his life.

We can argue about Trump’s behavior. We can argue about whether he fudged the law. We can certainly note that Trump made it much too easy to get him on these particular charges.

But none of that really matters. David Patreus, for instance, shared war plans with his girlfriend. Hillary Clinton violated so many laws with her bathroom server and dished classified documents to our enemies. Joe Biden – what law has he NOT broken? All these figures got a pass because they are in the club.


Donald Trump is facing jail time because he threatens that club. You don’t have to support Trump to understand that, if this stands, America becomes a banana republic.

There are lots of vile actors in this drama, but none are more important than the Mainstream Media. They are the propagandists who make it possible for corrupt government officials to get away with their plots against Americans. They lie, they hide, they promote censorship, they demonize, and they push propaganda out 24 hours a day, every day, to ensure that Americans have a terribly distorted view of the world.

These are people who literally believe that they can convince you that there is no such thing as biological sex, and unfortunately, they are half right. Their lies do work with many people.

The Washington Post and The New York Times shared a Pulitzer Prize for spreading what are now known to be proven lies cooked up by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and both brag about having received the prize. They will to this day insist their reporting was solid and true, and no amount of proof to the contrary will move them off that assertion.

And about half the country believes it because they believe the source of the lies.

That’s not to say that we aren’t making progress. Even Americans who believe the lies now vaguely know that they aren’t getting the full story; Americans are open about distrusting the media. They simply haven’t got a lot of other sources to get a fuller story. So people default to believing that where there is smoke, there is fire.


It is our job to point out that the fire was started and the flames are fanned by the Establishment and the MSM. We don’t have the same size megaphone as MSNBC, but we make a big difference nonetheless.

How do I know that? Simple: despite the fact that there are very few media outlets that don’t parrot the MSM line, half the country has sussed out that the MSM is lying to them. Almost all of the country has concluded that the MSM is horribly biased.

In all, 66% of Americans just don’t trust the news media much at all. That is progress.

The indictment of Trump is, in the end, only peripherally about Trump. It is about silencing conservatives and making people scared to offend the Establishment. At this crucial moment in American history, we have to fight back with every fiber of our being.

Without alternative news sources like HotAir, America is doomed. Not because we are heroes standing on the wall fighting the battle – we would love to think so, but that isn’t true at all. I am literally sitting on my couch as I write this, so whatever pretension to heroism I might have is belied by the facts.

It’s rather that we are among the few with a platform who are willing to stand up to the propagandists. We expose and ridicule the Establishment, and cheer on the masses of people like you who will actually take this country back. By telling the truth, we help mobilize and arm people to win the cultural and political battles.


HotAir doesn’t attract the big advertisers – go figure! – so we rely on people like you to help us keep up our end of the fight. That’s why we aren’t shy about asking for your support, and shouldn’t be. We do important work, and I know you value it because you have read this far into my pitch. 

So, if you haven’t yet joined the VIP program, now is the time to do so. Not only will you get exclusive content, but you will be making a serious dent in the pretensions of the MSM.

And because we know you are as angry as we are at the injustices being done against conservatives, we ask you to use the code WITCHHUNT for 50% off your membership! If you value free thinking, please join us!

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