Rice causes global warming

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There is a war on food.

No, that is not an overstatement. It is a fact. A fact for which the evidence is so overwhelming that only a liberal could deny it.

You already know about the war on beef…all meat, in fact. That’s the reasoning behind the push to normalize eating insects.


There is a war on farming as well. What do you think those Dutch farmers are protesting about? The forced closures of farms, which is justified by the effects of farming on global warming.

Now we are being told by the Left that it’s time to go to war against rice. Rice, you probably know, is the staple food for 1/2 of the world’s population. While it ranks as the 3rd most produced agricultural product after sugar cane and corn, it actually is the most important for human consumption. Both corn and sugar cane are used in a lot of non-food products.

Rice makes up 1/5th of the total calories consumed by human beings. One-fifth.

Nobody in power is seriously talking about reducing rice production…yet. We are still at the first stage of the process, where scaremongering and regulations are being introduced to make rice production more difficult and expensive. As usual, the solutions being proposed are sold as ways to make things more efficient and even profitable, but the same was true for recycling. Remember when recycling was going to be profitable? That worked until the market was flooded by everybody recycling paper and glass, and suddenly it became a huge net negative.


That’s when “reduce and reuse” were added to recycling. The same thing happened with food production in Europe, where efforts to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture turned into simply restricting it entirely.

The same process will take place with rice. First comes the propaganda: “Rice is driving global warming!” Then you get the “Here’s how to reduce the impact!” Then comes the “we must restrict rice production because it is killing Gaia.

This is what the global warming agenda really is. Slowly luring people into accepting the reduction in our ability to live comfortably or at all.”

You simply can’t squeeze the supply of rice without driving up its cost to the point where it becomes unaffordable for poorer people.” The demand is inelastic and there is no ready surplus, so prices skyrocket even with small decreases in production. In that, it is like oil, only more so. Reducing driving is easier than reducing food consumption.

Western farmers will be able to adapt because rice farming is much more mechanized and we have the technology to tweak practices, if not enough to satisfy the greenies. But in Asia and Africa?

There is nothing inherently wrong with promoting increases in productivity and reduction in environmental impact, as long as the result isn’t human suffering. But by now we know beyond doubt that human suffering is not an issue for those fighting global warming. In fact, their plan to reduce human suffering is to reduce human beings.


You are the carbon they want to reduce. The Club of Rome agenda is more powerful today than at any time since it was proposed. Paul Ehrlich is even being promoted again as a prophet. Too many people, too much prosperity, and too much capitalism will kill us all.

Their agenda is: best to get it over with now. Create a crisis. They don’t put it that way, but that is their goal. It’s like communism, which both predicts disaster and then goes on to create it.

Our goal should be to improve the well-being of people, not starve them to death or immiserate them. The goal of the Climate alarmists is to create a crisis. Why else shut down the greatest source of clean energy in Germany and switch back to coal to generate electricity?

People need to wake up to the fact that the Left is all about hating human beings and reducing their numbers. Abortion. Sterilization and mutilation of children. Shutting down energy production. Reducing food production. Reduce mobility.

As long as the Elite have their private planes and trips to Davos it’s all good.

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