It's time to recognize and medically "affirm" eunuchs

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The cruelty of the modern world knows no bounds.

For 150 years the Western world has abandoned the practice of creating eunuchs, and it is time to bring them back as a gender identity.


Sure, in the past eunuchs didn’t actually consent to the practice for some unknown reason, but they had beautiful voices, could be trusted to protect harems, and even gained political power. We could use more of them, and some surgeons and trans activists want to bring back the practice.

You should ignore the fact that the primary promoters of this idea, which WPATH apparently thinks is a good one, are sadomasochistic fetishists who enjoy watching videos of castrations and perhaps more…imaginative if not imaginary practices, including castrating others. The idea clearly is a good one because apparently there are people with the self-identity of “eunuch,” and we wouldn’t want to deny them the opportunity to be mutilated.

Everybody else gets to have body parts chopped off. Why not them? It’s unfair!


Haven’t we become enlightened enough to realize that this isn’t a mental illness? These people were simply “born into the wrong body.”

I am not wise enough to know how a being that is by definition embodied–a human being–could somehow be in the “wrong” one, but Science™ tells us that it is so. And we really must trust Science™ because no scientists have ever led anybody astray or into immoral things.

Sure, there were the little mistakes of sterilizing “unfit” people, performing tens of thousands of lobotomies, every bit of nutrition advice given by the government, and the missteps on COVID (which never ever actually happened!). But really, if you think about it, who else should you trust but the experts?

Blue-haired teachers are experts. Joe Biden is a foreign policy expert! Those nutritionists who recommended margarine and low-fat carb-heavy foods as healthy were experts! The doctors who put COVID patients on ventilators were experts.

What could possibly go wrong?

Governor Ron DeSantis is wiping out this practice in Florida, and there is a movement to do so across the country. It is this movement that the Biden Administration is working to destroy.


Their relentless push to mutilate minors–and it is minors, not adults, who are the focus of the effort to stop this horror–is appalling. The president, his spokesmen, and even his health advisors are attacking anybody who opposes surgery on minors.

So why not castration? In Great Britain they are prosecuting a man who castrated willing men, and given gender ideology I am not certain why they are. What did he do wrong? We are told that people can identify as eunuchs, so why punish the eunuch-maker?

I suppose it is practicing “medicine” without a license.

Leave castrating healthy young people to the professionals. Right?

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