Diversity and Inclusion means shutting people up

The largest college Democrat group in Virginia wants you to know that keeping Republicans off campus is required if you value diversity and inclusion.

Sounds about right for a Democrat. Free speech is about pornography, drag shows for children, and censoring all inconvenient facts and ideas.



I edited the bad word to make this tweet SFW

The Democrats at Mason is not an unofficial group; they are an official outgrowth of the Democrat Party in Virginia. I can assure you the Democrats are 100% against silencing speech because they tell us so every time we try to get pornography and trans propaganda out of the schools.

That is what diversity and inclusion mean, right?

The Democrats at Mason “seek to engage George Mason students in the political process by providing opportunities to meet candidates and elected officials,” except if they happen to be Republican elected officials such as the Governor of Virginia.

George Mason, you may not know, is a public university, which means that it is actually funded by the government of Virginia, which one would think means that having the governor speak to the students would be a rather normal occurrence. He, after all, signs bills that help pay for their tuition and their education.

Funny that. The students kinda like that part of the deal. They just want him to keep the cash flowing to them and shut up.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Which, come to think about it, is pretty standard for the entitled brats that America has been producing for the past few decades.

It’s the same sort of mindset behind public school teachers and other public employees thumbing their noses at the people they are paid to serve. Literally dancing in the streets while harming the students they are supposed to serve.


It’s hard to like these people, isn’t it? Entitled, self-righteous, obsessed with expanding their own privilege, and with harming anybody with whom they disagree.

The irony is that Youngkin is the one being generous here. He is more than willing to reach out and help these students at George Mason, not only by funneling them unGodly amounts of tax dollars but also by sharing his time and experience. He has actually accomplished something few people ever have–becoming governor of a state.

I imagine a few of these Mason Democrats have ambitions, if not to be like Youngkin, then at least to get his job. I’ve had more than a few friendly conversations with Democrat elected officials over the years, and even as I disagreed with them I always treated them respectfully and the same was true for them with me.

Fighting people in the public arena shouldn’t mean not listening to people. You can listen and disagree; you can listen and fight viciously on the field of political battle; but you should listen, if for no other reason than to know your enemy.


Most Democrats on the whole can’t do that these days, and the same is true for too many Republicans.

My favorite Twitter followers are actually Democrats who make sense when they speak. It is like a breath of fresh air to listen to sane people who have a very different perspectives. I have even learned things and changed my mind a few times.

Back in the day, I studied and then taught political philosophy, and that required the ability to listen to and consider different points of view. It was fun, except when dealing with a committed ideologue whose only goal was to win an argument no matter the method. Those people were tiresome and, if not stupid, acted stupidly.

This was stupid, Mason Democrats.

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