Liberal racism

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There is a myth that the political home of racism is predominately on the political right.

There certainly are politically conservative racists, but racism as a politically relevant variable exists mainly on the Left. And by this, I am not referring to the omnipresent anti-White bias.

I am referring to the open use of racially disparaging language and expressions of attitudes aimed at minorities, particularly Blacks.

Anti-racism is annoying, even harmful. It certainly is divisive. But racism directed specifically at minorities has become a staple of Left-wing politics, whenever a member of a racial minority strays from the Democrat Party.

Liberals will deny this, pointing to their constant advocacy for policies of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” They invest heavily in projecting an image of fighting for the little guy, of caring deeply for Black and Indigenous people (BIPOC). They constantly attack conservatives as racists, White supremacists, and as bigots against “marginalized groups.”

It’s all show. There is no group of people more likely to drop the “N” word than liberals. There is no group more likely to attack a Black person for their deviationist political or economic views than liberals. Plenty of conservatives may feel uncomfortable around people of different races (actually, people of any race probably feel uncomfortable if they are the only member of their race in a crowd), but open disdain for people based on race is so rare as to be shocking.

I literally have never experienced a situation where a person I know has casually dropped a racial slur. I am sure it happens, because of course it does, but it is not an occurrence experienced in common life.

Conversely, attacking minorities using racial slurs is common in Leftist circles, and can be found all the time. Liberals will utter racial slurs on TV if the slur is hurled at a Black Republican. Liberals on Twitter are constantly attacking minorities who are Republican with some of the nastiest slurs imaginable, and few people bat an eye. Ironically, it is also common to insult conservatives by suggesting they are homosexuals, such as the constant references to Lindsey Graham as “Lady G.”

Liberal racism is pervasive. It’s not just the insults they use, but the policies they propose.

Liberals pursue racist policies routinely. There is no group more likely to fight to ensure that young Black and Brown children remain uneducated and poor than liberals. The Left fights tooth and nail against school choice, for instance, despite widespread support for it among minorities.

As I wrote Friday, in Baltimore public schools only 7% of students can do math at grade level. It is a city that has not had a Republican representing it in decades; it is predominantly minority (70%); and it is in the top 5 crime-ridden cities in the country. It is a national shame, and its destruction is entirely based upon liberal policies. After decades of failure to achieve the stated goals, it is blindingly obvious that the results we are seeing are the intended results. How else to explain the refusal to change course? John wrote a blistering piece yesterday about the state of Baltimore’s schools overall, and it is a must-read. 

One of the accounts I follow on Twitter is called “Chronicles of Liberal Racists,” and it is enlightening. It captures the sense of freedom that liberals have to indulge in their contempt for Black people. It is very enlightening because when Leftists are attacking Black dissenters from the orthodoxy they really let their hair down.

The common theme of the racial attacks is that Black people have no agency. They owe loyalty to a group–and while the claim is that the relevant group is their race, it actually is to the Democrat Party. A Black Republican has a rhetorical hunting license put out for him, and anything goes. Use the most degrading language possible.

The ability to think independently is simply dismissed by liberals. Nobody for a moment would assume that White people cannot have agency over their own lives and be able to think for themselves. Yet it is the unifying assumption of all racist liberals. They simply assume that no Black or Hispanic person is capable of thinking for themselves. Any dissent from the orthodoxy is proof of stupidity or cupidity.

The racism comes primarily from White people, who portray themselves as saviors for members of races they clearly see as lesser. They attack minorities–particularly the darker-skinned minorities–as too stupid to think for themselves. And the most stupid of all are those who disagree with the White saviors.

Perhaps this is why Leftists seem utterly unconcerned about closing the achievement gap between White and Asian students and those whose race is African. Could it be that they believe that Blacks actually cannot academically achieve? Their characterization of “White” values suggests that is true.

For instance, the National Museum of African American History, part of the Smithsonian Institution, characterizes “White Culture” this way. Implying that intact families, objectivity, rational thinking, quantitative analysis, hard work, respect for authority, planning for the future, delaying gratification, being on time, and competitiveness are “White” values.

In other words, the ingredients to success are “White.” Would you hire anyone without at least most of those characteristics?

Each of the following tweets was written by a White liberal, and is merely an example of the thousands out there who use language like this or much worse. The common assumption is that any Black person who is conservative is a boot licker who has sold his soul for acceptance or money. They are race traitors.

These last two really bring out the racist tropes. Black men are drug dealers and gorillas. Dissenting Blacks are too stupid to think for themselves and should just fall in line. Being a conservative is to be a “bootlicker” for White supremacists.

You get the idea.

These are liberals letting their freak flag fly. And there are thousands more examples. Liberals call Clarence Thomas “Uncle Thomas” all the time. It is as much a part of their vocabulary as “what are your pronouns” these days.

Conservatives tend to focus on the “White fragility” and “anti-racism” sort of racism because it is so obviously a form of racism aimed at Whites, and we rarely pay close attention to the way that Liberals talk to minorities because we are left out of those conversations.

But it is obvious that vast numbers of liberals have contempt for racial minorities, and express that contempt mainly in the form of a “savior” mentality. The Left benefits greatly from being part of the massive and wealthy infrastructure developed to deal with racial minorities–countless jobs have been created during the Great Society to administer programs nominally intended to serve minority communities, but actually to serve the bureaucrats themselves.

Consultants get rich, DEI factotums get powerful, and together they have become massively important in the functioning of government and big business. Hence Disney, or the US Chamber of Commerce putting together DEI training packets for businesses.

The Left greatly benefits from their racial grift, and that grift is ultimately based upon thinking about racial minorities as pawns, too stupid to think for themselves.

Hence the outbursts of hostility to any and all who deviated from the plan. Think for yourself and you will suffer the consequences.

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