Strzoking himself

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Peter Strzok may not be the most corrupt G-man to ever walk the halls of FBI headquarters. There is ample competetion for the title, including legendary FBI leader J. Edgar Hoover.


Yet Strzok is certainly in the top 3. He is a walking, talking, smirking example of everything that is wrong with our Washington elite. He is Adam Schiff without the charm. He is Joe Biden without the intelligence. He is Keith Olberman without the self-control.

Famously he led the investigations into both the Hillary Clinton email server scandal and, of course, was key to the anti-Trump conspiracy that was “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Strzok was disgraced after the revelations that he and his snugglebunny Lisa Page plotted to take out the President of the United States with concocted stories about Russian collusion–originally concocted by the woman whom he cleared of wrongdoing for splashing classified documents across the internet with her bathroom email server. His actions were so awful that even NPR, in reviewing his book, expressed disain for the man.

Strzok’s book was titled “Compromised.” He was referring to President Trump, of course, but as we know the description best fits himself.

Strzok is unafraid to opine on legal and political matters, despite his having been outed as an anti-Trump scumbag who abused his position at the FBI. A quarter of a million people on Twitter await his every comment, believe it or not.


Strzok had exactly the same take on Hillary Clinton as on Biden. Her illegal off-site email server was no big deal, but Donald Trump belongs in jail. This man was in charge of counterintelligence investigations for the FBI. He apparently believes “counter-intelligence” is what his tweets should represent.

Strzok’s partisanship is legendary. He wasn’t simply opposed to Trump and convinced that Hillary Clinton should be president–texting his paramour Lisa Page during his investigation into her server scandal that her opponents were clowns and awful–he literally admitted to plotting against Trump while opening up the Crossfire Hurricane investigation:

“[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” the lawyer, Lisa Page, wrote to Strzok, according to The Post.

“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded, The Post says the IG report reveals. The text was sent in August 2016 only a few months before the presidential election, and after the FBI had started its investigation into Trump campaign aides, according to The Post.

He is now an adjunct professor at Georgetown, believe it or not. Strzok should be in jail, not writing books and a personal substack.


You can do no wrong if you are a Donald Trump opponent, apparently. James Comey, another plotter against the former president, is off writing crime fiction.

Other plotters against former president Trump–known and proven liars, including intelligence officials proven to have perjured themselves before Congress, are TV analysts shilling for the Left.

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There are plenty of Republican scumbags and liars out there as well. The difference is that the media portrays all Republicans as scumbags and liars while exonerating and even rewarding the Democrats for doing as bad or worse. One Republican evildoer is proof that the entire class is corrupt, while a Democrat who commits obvious crimes is pre-exonerated and nearly guaranteed to be celebrated for life by the Elite.

During the entire Trump presidency, the MSM and the permanent government were attempting a silent coup, throwing all their resources into a project to remove the president. And all the people engaged in the conspiracy are at large today, making a nice living.

This includes the man in the White House, who smirks as he gets questioned about his breaking the laws regarding classified documents. While his allies demand that Trump be thrown in jail for far less careless activity.

It’s infuriating.

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