Even Obama's banal "Change Rocks" slogan isn't original

The other night in his concession speech, Barack Obama chanted “Yes we can!” Among other things, that’s the English version of the “Si, se puede” slogan that the illegal alien protesters have been using over the past few years. That slogan goes back to Cesar Chavez. So it’s not only boring, it’s unoriginal to his campaign.

Now his campaign may get sued for copyright infringement for using “Change Rocks” to headline a concert.

Stefan Doyno picked the name “Change Rocks” about three years ago, when he started a business to market his patent-pending invention of rings with interchangeable stones. He’s since come out with pendants and is planning a line of T-shirts.

Doyno, now 19 and a first-year student at SUNY-Buffalo, learned by Googling his company’s name that Obama’s camp used the “Change Rocks” trademark for a concert and campaign fundraiser on Dec. 7 in Chicago.

“I was shocked. I flipped out kind of because I was like, ‘Oh, no, someone else is using it,’ ” he said.

He called his lawyers, and they sent a letter on Dec. 18 to Obama’s national campaign manager, David Plouffe, that points out that the name “Change Rocks” is a registered U.S. trademark (No. 3,266,236) and that if Obama’s campaign sells T-shirts or other campaign memorabilia with the slogan, it could constitute an infringement.

Obama has had at least one other “Change Rocks” concert, in Des Moines, Iowa, on Dec. 29, according to a poster on the Iowa campaign headquarters Web site.

So far, neither the teen nor his lawyers have heard back from Obama’s campaign.

Read the rest: The kid’s paramount interest seems to be finding a way to work out a deal so that he doesn’t offend Oprah.

I’m bringing this up not to bash Obama, as the lawsuit isn’t likely to go anywhere, but to point out just how empty his campaign is. Once you get past the fluff and stuff that gets Chris Matthews weepy,there’s no there there. His slogans are generic as his lofty platitudes. Both he and Hillary are deploying Taco Bell drive-through window-level rhetoric (yes, I know that’s a parody, but I half expect Hillary to give it a try). And America seems to be eating it all up.