Video: Hillary's "Countdown"

As the tipster noted, fresh from politicizing Christmas, Hillary Clinton politicizes New Year’s.

Couple of things worth noting here. First, unlike the Christmas ad, Hillary actually names the holiday that this ad marks. Second, her wish for your happy new year is entirely political. If you don’t like her take on the issues she presents, this ad isn’t for you. Therefore, once again, what Hillary puts forth is really more about her than anyone else. She’s not wishing for your prosperity, health, family, faith or country, she’s just counting down the days until she has the reins of power so she can do what she wants. For your own good, of course, as your “champion.” One last point. Like the Christmas ad, Team Hillary has produced this one in a way that makes it easy to parody.

Update: Hillary should countdown to getting herself up to speed on Pakistan’s election process.