Video: Bloggers offer Christmas thanks to the troops

The guys at Blackfive put this together. Lots of your favorite bloggers including our own Michelle appear to offer a word of thanks to the men and women who put it all on the line to defend us all around the world. My thoughts are similar to Jimbo’s:

I’ve been overseas for Christmas before, although thankfully not in a war zone. We have quite a few of our troops in harms way this holiday season and we wanted to let them know how much that means to us. So we asked some of our fellow bloggers to film a message thanking everyone who makes it possible for us to sit safe by the fire. God Bless everyone serving America anywhere.

It was a year ago about this time that Michelle and I were prepping for our trip to Baghdad. The timing of prepping for a dangerous trip to a war zone over the course of holiday meals and shopping drove home for me the fact that, while our trip would be all too brief, the men and women we were about to meet were there for the duration of a combat tour. And many of them were there on their second or third of those tours and had already seen friends and comrades killed in battle or by IEDs.

The troops and their families are in our thoughts and prayers always, and especially during the Christmas season.