Video: Glenn Beck just about kisses Ron Paul; Update: Beck asks Paul, are you a Truther or what?

As Allahpundit might say, Dude.

Update (AP): Here’s five minutes from our old pal Ian Schwartz of Beck just baiting him really, asking two questions to which he already knows the answers. Does America’s Greatest Patriot support the threats on Beck’s life issued by a few of his supporters? Bombshell answer: No. Does America’s Greatest Patriot believe the Bush administration conspired to bring about the 9/11 attacks? Paul’s gone on record about this many times, something Beck’s doubtless aware of. No matter; the point of this cross-examination is simply to bring out the fact of Paul’s support among Truthers for those in the audience who aren’t unaware of it while forcing Paul to make those same Truthers wince by formally declaring the conspiracy nutty. As he notes, though, that’s no great shakes: If you can believe the Twin Towers were packed with thermite, you can certainly believe that your hero’s just telling this neocon talk show host what he wants to hear.

Note how Paul slips in a little excuse-making at the end. Just keep the money coming, boys. Click the image to watch.