At CNN, November is planting season; Update: Plant video edit added!

CNN’s handling of the last Democrat debate was so shifty, we produced this video to note all the plants in the audience.

And we noticed last night that there was at least one plant sprouting in the audience for the GOP debate. Well, head over to the boss’ blog to take a look at all the plants she found in last night’s debate. Oh, there’s one difference this time around. Last time, the debate was for Democrats and the plants were all Democrats. This time, the debate was for Republicans…but the plants were still all Democrats.

Yup. This is CNN, indeed.

Update: Since the boss’ site is temporarily down, here are a couple of screen caps of the four plants that were in last night’s debate.



CNN has some ‘splaining to do.

Update (MM): We’re told the rebroadcast of the debate was edited and cut out the retired gay Brig Gen. Keith Kerr’s question. Looks like they’ll have to go in and do more weeding, huh?

Update (AP): A video edit of all the questions posed by known Democrats can be found here.