Hillary and licenses for illegals: The spin continues

It’s too soon to characterize Hillary’s Dervish-like spin on licenses for illegal aliens as the end of her campaign, but it’s certainly the end of her comfortable ride in the campaign. After last night’s debate, HRC advisor Mark Penn found himself surrounded by reporters who asked him to revise and extend, or at least make sense of, Hillary’s yes-no-maybe-I don’t know answer to whether illegals ought to be able to get drivers licenses. Penn doesn’t answer the question any better than his boss did. He did attempt the one foolproof gambit: Blame Bush! Even that doesn’t work.

The problems with Blame Bush! are that a) Bush’s stance isn’t the GOP’s stance, b) Hillary herself agreed with Bush’s stance, and c) it’s unpopular with the American people. So is the Spitzer plan. Clinton and her campaign can’t answer the question satisfactorily because it requires taking a principled stand on an issue that divides Democrat interest groups, and that divides some of those groups from the majority of the American voters. Like Spitzer, Clinton may soon find herself feeling the wrath of just about everyone.

Which is fine with me.

(video thanks to Marc Ambinder)

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023