Hot Air/YAF video: Jason Mattera has a conversation with the man who smeared YAF Updated

This is the video I was teasing well into the wee hours overnight. After David Horowitz’s speech at George Washington University last night, Young America’s Foundation’s Jason Mattera caught up with Iraq Veterans Against the War’s Adam Kokesh. Kokesh is the lefty who led the campus-wide smear of YAF a couple of weeks ago.

Jason quizzes Kokesh about Islamo-Fascism, satire and the presidential election. You may not be surprised to learn who the anti-war leader is supporting in 2008.

This is a joint Hot Air/Young America’s Foundation production.

Robert Stacy McCain of the Washington Times liveblogged Horowitz’s speech; you can check that out here.

Update: Adam Kokesh continues his smear-artist ways. I wonder, just what is GWU still “investigating” about Kokesh’s YAF smear? He confessed to that one and he’s authored another one, this time smearing Horowitz (whom he refused to actually listen to last night). Satire must be the all-purpose defense for bad behavior.

Update: Incorrect U’s Andrew Marcus has a video report from last night’s festivities. We have more video on the way from Jason Mattera, which I’ll edit and post. Stay tuned.

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