Liveblogging: David Horowitz at GWU Updates

George Washington University is apparently still “investigating” the smear of Young America’s Foundation by a bunch of leftists a couple of weeks ago. That smear concerned Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, which is going on right now, and David Horowitz is at GWU delivering an IFAW address, right now. As if we needed to stir things up a little more, Mr. Horowitz was silenced when he attempted to address a group at Emory University last night. Leftists stifled his right to speak and others’ right to hear him.


This has all the makings of a very interesting night, and Stacy McCain is liveblogging it for the Washington Times. We also have a couple of cameras on the scene. If the leftists pull anything devilish tonight, we will have video.

Update: Well Horowitz was able to speak and get through the Q&A, but it wasn’t entirely roses.

Protesters unfurl orange banner, disruption, shouting, are ejected by security.

Horowitz about protester: “You have to admire his discipline. To sit through this whole evening … and wait until the end.”

In closing remark, mentions that YAF is forced to pay for security after threats from left-wing groups.

And that’s the end of the speech. I’m checking to see if we got video of it.

Update: I was just on the phone with our splinter cell operatives, and we didn’t get video of the banner incident, but we got something better. It’ll be a while before we have it online here, but keep an eye on this space or come back in the morning and we’ll have some video.


Update (1:54 am): Getting the video transferred, edited and then posted is going to take a while. I’ll have it first thing in the AM, so come back here and look for it. It’ll be worth the wait.

Update (2:04 am): Here’s a hint of what’s in the video.


The man on the left needs no introduction; the man on the right is Adam Kokesh.

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