Rebecca Aguilar responds: You took my story the wrong way!

A Dallas viewer started typing off an angry email to KDFW-TV’s Rebecca Aguilar even before her infamous story had finished airing. And she actually replied.

Thanks for your feedback.
First of all, Mr. Walton is the one who told me where he was going to buy his shotgun. Though he didn’t want his face on camera, after he showed us the new weapon…. he did want to share his side of the story. He didn’t want folks to think he was some kind of criminal. That’s why he shared his tears, his remorse, and his side of the story. I also reminded viewers that Mr. Walton did not break any laws, because he was in the right. I’m sorry you took my story the wrong way. You didn’t see my story yesterday…when I pointed out that the man Mr. Walton killed had a criminal record involving theft. Rebecca Aguilar Fox 4 News.

If we were allowed to show a still from the story (KDFW went the C&D route and got the video scrubbed from the internet almost entirely) I’d show a still of Aguilar standing in the open door of Walton’s car while she badgered him and fidgeted with her umbrella. It’s that picture plus Walton’s reaction, combined with Aguilar’s “Are you a trigger happy person?” line that we all “misunderstood.” It’s all our fault. Mea culpa.

It’s also my fault that I started a new genre of jokes at Ms. Aguilar’s expense too. Bad, bad blogger! Another bad, bad blogger has set up an Aguilar-related poll. Be a Democrat, and vote early, often and long after you die.

More: This is actually related to this morning’s true crime story, not the Aguilar story, but check out Geraldo asking a woman why her husband didn’t shoot their burglar instead of making him clean up the house at gun point.

“Why didn’t your husband shoot him? I’d have at least winged him.”

Or spat on him?

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