Video: Wayne State U hecklers vs Daniel Pipes, take 2

Anti-Racist Blog has posted a longer clip from Daniel Pipes’ speech at Wayne State University on Monday night. An intensely annoying heckler, Mike Staunch of a group called Anti-Racist Action, accuses Pipes of supporting “Israeli apartheid” and disrupts the proceedings en route to asking one of those leftist questions that’s actually just an unsupported accusation. Staunch also openly supports Palestinian terrorism. This clip shows more of the action that got Staunch booted from the hall in the clip posted yesterday, and you’ll also see a woman attempt grandstanding a little grandstanding of her own. Click on the image to head over and watch the clip.


This kind of rudeness has become almost routine when conservatives and/or anti-jihad intellectuals speak on college campuses. It’s a growing problem. The two encouraging signs that I see in this clip are that this heckler didn’t get away with stealing the forum, and that some in the audience obviously wanted the heckler to go away, and applauded when he was eventually kicked out.

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