Theoretically, Barack Obama is running unopposed for his party’s nomination for president in New Hampshire and across the country. In reality, he shares the ballot with at least eight others whose names are virtually unrecognizable. Now, though, a write-campaign for a lady whose name is familiar is also underway in New Hampshire, according to a TV segment this afternoon on “Your World with Cavuto” on Fox News.

I tell you, Hillary Clinton supporters do not give up. Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has assured members of the media that Obama won’t swap Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton on his reelection ticket. So, what do Hillary supporters do? They target Obama’s half of the ticket. Featherbrained or brilliant? Let’s say it’s a little of both.

Taking inspiration from Eugene McCarthy’s surprising New Hampshire haul of the protest vote in 1968, which subsequently led to incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson’s withdrawal from the race, staunch Hillary Clinton supporter Steve Rosinski has urged discontented voters in New Hampshire to write the current Secretary of State’s name on the ballot. Rosinski, who created a petition to draft Hillary for 2012, says he has talked to numerous voters on the ground in New Hampshire — and they’re not satisfied with either Obama or the GOP candidates. Not only are they disappointed with the overall performance of the economy under Obama’s watch, but they’re also upset with White House scandals like Solyndra and Fast and Furious, Rosinski said.

It’s doubtful that Hillary will receive 42 percent of the Democratic vote in New Hampshire, as McCarthy did in 1968 — but it surely can’t be comforting to Obama to know folks this dedicated to his demise are out there. As Neil Cavuto put it at the end of the segment, something must be behind Obama’s recent base-shoring efforts. In just the past week, he’s announced “new” summer jobs for would-be Obama Zombies, created an easier path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and praised Environmental Protection Agency personnel for their hard work as a symbolic way to appease angry environmentalists.

Worried about your reelection much, Mr. Obama?