Ed wasn’t the only person inspired by the image of the empty podium that filled so many TV screens for 52 minutes yesterday while an anxious nation vainly awaited leadership from its president. The Tim Pawlenty campaign released an ad today that vividly and powerfully links that empty podium to the economic challenges the nation faces. One presumes the image percolated in the minds of Pawlenty’s camapaign managers even before yesterday, but, if not, if they put this ad together in a day, then it is all the more impressive. I haven’t blindly adored every ad the Pawlenty campaign has produced, but this ad might be the best I’ve seen from any GOP 2012 contender so far (and Mitt Romney has had a number of hits). It’s so good it gives me goosebumps every time I watch it (and I can’t seem to stop watching it).

Awed silence.

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