Well, Castro has a bunch of spies here, so why shouldn’t Hugo?

A federal judge revoked bail Monday for a Uruguayan man jailed along with three others on charges of acting as illegal Venezuelan agents, who allegedly sought to cover up the source of $800,000 in cash smuggled into Argentina for last year’s presidential race.

FBI Agent Justin Krider testified that Wanseele was in frequent contact with a high-ranking official at DISIP, the acronym for Venezuela’s intelligence service. Wanseele also worked to obtain parts for a DISIP helicopter at a Miami aviation company, Krider said.

This is a read-the-whole-thing link. There’s a lot of shady stuff going on in Miami. And, apparently, Argentina as well. This scandal has apparently earned the name “maletagate” (since the cash was allegedly supposed to go to Buenos Aires in a suitcase), and an interesting account of some of the players is here.