Criticism of President Obama is now coming from all corners because … well because his poor performance in just about every field, both foreign and domestic, can no longer be denied.  The latest blast comes from a former journalistic fangirl who apparently has seen enough.  Using baseball  as her analogy, Maureen Dowd takes Obama to the woodshed:

An American president should never say, as you did Monday in Manila when you got frustrated in a press conference with the Philippine president: “You hit singles; you hit doubles. Every once in a while, we may be able to hit a home run.”

Especially now that we have this scary World War III vibe with the Russians, we expect the president, especially one who ran as Babe Ruth, to hit home runs.

In the immortal words of Earl Weaver, the Hall of Famer who managed the Baltimore Orioles: “The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three-run homers.” A singles hitter doesn’t scare anybody.

It doesn’t feel like leadership. It doesn’t feel like you’re in command of your world.

How can we accept these reduced expectations and truculent passivity from the man who offered himself up as the moral beacon of the world, even before he was elected?

Of course, the answer to all of these questions really fall back on the person asking them – what did she expect from a man who’d never really done anything in his life – whose entire adult life was spent running for the next office?  How did an experienced and supposedly rational person like herself fall so completely for the “expectations”? The point of course is Dowd, like many on the left, is finally expressing a case of buyer’s remorse because they didn’t do their due diligence and check out the background and accomplishments – or lack thereof- of the candidate in question.  They allowed themselves to be caught up in the hype and hyperbole.  They “‘believed”.

Their belief was based in fantasy, not reality.  They fell for the “hope and change” scam.

The result has been a man who has, in his two terms in office, diminished the office and the nation’s stature in the world.  He’s become someone who few in the world respect and certainly don’t fear.  And that is all the wolves of the world need to bite off a chunk of their liking.  See the Ukraine for instance.  Meanwhile in the middle east, Egypt is buying aircraft from the Russians, Saudi Arabia is buying missiles from the Chinese and our relations with Israel are likely at their lowest point since Israel’s founding.

Dowd is a little late to the party.  But it is notable that she’s finally arrived.  I assume this is some sort of an attempt to salvage whatever journalistic integrity her former fandom has cost her.

However, Dowd hints at one very important point that is likely what she really believes but just can’t bring herself to say yet – Obama isn’t even much of a singles hitter.  “Strike out King” would be a better title.


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