Late night talk show host Samantha Bee thinks it’s “weird” to find out after all this time that President Trump was ‘technically telling the truth” each time he declared there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia. Bee, who hosts TBS’s Full Frontal, tried to make light of the fact that the Russian collusion hoax collapsed so spectacularly by dredging up an old remark made by then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican primaries in her first show after the conclusions from the Mueller report were released.

“It’s so weird to realize that all the times he said that, he was technically telling the truth,” Bee said on Wednesday’s edition of her TBS show. “Maybe Ted Cruz’s dad did kill JFK.

At least she had the intellectual honesty to admit that Special Counsel Mueller’s conclusion of no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is a good thing for our country. She still thinks that Trump’s America is dystopian but now maybe it’s a little less so. For those living within the bubble of #TheResistance, especially those who do so for television show ratings, like late night show hosts, simply expressing happiness that a two-year political investigation produced the best results that could have been expected is still too much to ask. She qualified her remark by noting Trump cleared a “low bar”.

“You know, it’s not bad news that we just found out that the U.S. president didn’t illegally collude with Putin,” she continued. “That’s… great! Our dystopia might be just a tiny bit less dystopia than we thought. Good job, Trump, for probably not doing a crime so crazy, it sounded like an episode of ‘24’ as written by Mad Magazine. That is an incredibly low bar, but you cleared it!”

Female Hollywood elites have promoted a vision of America that most Americans do not see, which is one ripped from the pages of a fictional novel. There must be a great relief that Margaret Atwood is writting a sequel to her 1985 book “The Handmaid’s Tale” because those women are not ready to put away their long red capes and white bonnets yet. The rhetoric coming from them is that President Trump is an authoritarian and Atwood’s fictional story best represents life today for women in America. Personally, I would be wiling to bet that most protesters who don the costume have never even read the book. Though I’ve never seen Samantha Bee in the costume, I can easily envision her in it.

Bee is none too pleased with what she describes as “gloating” that is coming from hosts on Fox New Channel. Frankly, I think after being dragged for the entire length of the special counsel’s investigation for speaking up against a narrative that the losing Hillary Clinton campaign hoisted on the media, the skeptics on Fox shows have been vindicated. It’s a good thing to have a cable news network that doesn’t fall into lockstep with all the others in assisting the attempted soft coup of President Trump.

And that memo sent to news producers by the Trump campaign that I wrote about yesterday? Well, Bee is angry about that, too. All that was requested is some media introspection. Bee shouldn’t worry too much about any introspection happening, though. They’ve all gone in too deep to make a full correction now.

The host also went after the president for telling TV news producers to stop booking guests who suggested he may have colluded with Russia. “Wow, usually when he writes to TV producers, it’s to ask them to hide footage of him saying the ‘n-word.’” Speaking on behalf of all TV producers, Bee told Trump to “fuck off.”

“Telling news programs to blacklist the president’s enemies is a clear attack on the freedom of the press,” Bee said. “Also, since when did you have a problem with lying on TV? Lying on TV is Kellyanne Conway’s entire resume.”

Hey, whatever happened to women supporting other women? Oh, right. That only applies to liberal women supporting other liberal women. Conservative women must be mocked and insulted at every opportunity.

Bee came to the conclusion that there is still plenty wrong with America and she tries to keep hope alive that President Trump can still be impeached.

“You don’t need the Mueller report to tell you will that Trump is a bad, corrupt man,” she said. “He is just one part of what has gone horribly wrong with our government and the best way to make real change is by winning an election. No one is coming to save us but us. In the end, the real Robert Mueller was inside us all along.”

She sounds a lot like Bill Maher there, doesn’t she? He doesn’t need the Mueller report to know President Trump is a traitor because he has a television and Bee doesn’t need the Mueller report to tell her that Trump’s “a bad, corrupt man”. For a report that leftists were all hanging their hats on to begin impeachment proceedings on President Trump, suddenly it’s not so important. Funny how that happened.