The closer we get to the election the more desperate conspiracy nonsense seems to be erupting on the left. Last week I wrote about the progressives who were wondering aloud whether Trump was faking illness with the coronavirus to change the news cycle. That same conspiracy made a rebound briefly on Monday when Trump left the hospital. Yesterday there was a claim circulating on social media that Chris Christie was in the ICU on a ventilator because of his coronavirus diagnosis. Politifact pointed out that was false.

Today, we had a new bogus claim pop up which also involved President Trump and which some hinted might be the result of COVID-19. According to a bunch of blue-check progressives on Twitter today, a video of the president on the White House lawn was actually a fake. They claimed the clip was clearly shot in front of a green screen:

Some suggested a reason for the use of green screen, i.e. Trump was too ill to go outside:

This was so widespread that Mother Jones wrote about it: “Did Donald Trump Record His Latest Twitter Video in Front of a Green Screen?

One of the people they noted was a believer in the green screen theory was Atlantic film critic Christopher Orr who wrote: “Why the digital background? It’s a sunny day in DC. This could have been filmed on the actual White House lawn.”

But eventually there was some pushback, in particular this guy who pretty convincingly proved there was no green screen involved:

He went on to say that this was the left-wing equivalent of claims made by Sandy Hook deniers.

That was enough to convince the Atlantic’s Christopher Orr:

As for Chris Hayes, he retweeted a link to this Buzzfeed story debunking the claim. And yet, despite having fallen for this just a few hours earlier he was confidently tweeting this (hat tip Just Karl):

This isn’t the first time Hayes has fallen for a false claim that tickled his biases and it won’t be the last.