If the “Storm Area 51” flap is actually a joke, some of the more than one million people who have now signed up for it don’t seem to realize it. And putting this issue to rest probably isn’t being helped by celebrities calling more attention to it and, in at least some cases, seeming to endorse it. The New York Post has rounded up a group of influencers of various sorts who are getting in on the action and what they’ve had to say about it. I’ll confess in advance that I have no idea who these first three people are, but if the Post assures us they are celebrities, I’ll take their word for it I guess.

Now, celebrities are joining in on the joke.

“Juice” singer Lizzo thinks the aliens will look as beautiful as she does.

“Old Town Road” country singer and king of memes Lil Nas X joked that he would make another (it would be the fourth!) remix of his hit song, focused on the raid.

Action-flick star Danny Trejo shared an image of him from the “Machete” movies. Hopefully, the props department will let him borrow the weapon for the raid.

Even Trevor Noah (who it turns out is still on the hosting the Daily Show) was getting in on the action. But his comments definitely appeared to be jokes, so hopefully, nobody is taking them seriously.

We learned earlier this week that the military is keeping an eye on the situation and if there’s some sort of mass migration of people heading toward that area in the third week of September I’m sure there will be assets in place to deal with them. And that’s the part of this that I find rather disturbing. I’m quite confident there aren’t literally a million people seriously intending to try this and most of them are probably treating it as a joke. But what if not all of them realize it’s not supposed to be real?

Out of that million, how many crackpots do you suppose might stubbornly show up and take a run at the fences? If it’s only a half dozen or so, then no problem. They deal with nosy visitors (as well as the odd journalist) on a regular basis. They’ll probably just handcuff them, take their phones and cameras, question them for a few days and send them on their way if they don’t show up on any terrorist watch lists.

But what if the number is more like fifty? Or one hundred, coming in from multiple points around the perimeter? There’s some number that would reach a breakpoint where they couldn’t arrest them all and then they’d have no choice but to start shooting. The aftermath of that would be ugly indeed.

In any event, I’ll just repeat my earlier advice for the (hopefully) more sane readers who visit here. Don’t do it. Don’t get involved. It’s probably a joke, but if you show up at the perimeter of the Groom Lake facility there’s really no good ending to this story.