As the nation continues to try to sort out all of the Virginia Democratic Party blackface stories, plenty of questions remain. They involve not only the Governor but the Attorney General and others as well. Fear not, citizens. We’re finally getting some definitive answers as Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Research Group (NOIRG) has decided to weigh in on the subject and clear up any confusion. So why are we still dealing with this phenomenon? Who is at the heart of the problem? Racist southern whites? The Illuminati? Nope. It’s the Jews, of course. (Emphasis in original)

Whether or not one accepts the rounds of sorrowful apologies, it is essential to note that the Christian offenders—Kelly, Northam, and Herring—are apologizing for a Jewish crime.

Rice’s popular blackface character was named Jim Crow—a name that came to describe the racially repressive era after the Civil War in which white society was determined to violently force Blacks back into plantation slavery. Blackface died a well-earned death, but was revived when Jews became perversely connected with this racist “art form” as performers and as fans, filling auditoriums to watch blackface stage shows in Jewish neighborhoods all over America.

This incredible article rewrites the entire history of the United States in only a few paragraphs, claiming that Jews were “a formidable presence in the slave-based economy from the time of the earliest American colonies.” Nevermind the fact that outside of a sizable community in South Carolina, large numbers of Jews didn’t really begin emigrating to the United States until the late 1800s. We’ll just blame them anyway.

This is only one more reminder of why it’s so dangerous for politicians (almost exclusively Democrats) to keep flirting with Farrakhan. Particularly when it comes to some of our new members of Congress such as Ilhan Omar, things have gotten bad enough that Nancy Pelosi not only had to issue a stern rebuke, but the House needed to pass a resolution specifically denouncing antisemitism.

The House voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to condemn anti-Semitism, in a vote Republicans orchestrated after freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar posted tweets over the weekend that were deemed anti-Semitic.

The vote came as part of a broader debate over U.S. policy in Yemen.

The non-binding language warned of a “significant amount of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hatred” both in the U.S. and abroad,” and urged the U.S. to maintain strong ties to Israel.

It’s not that the resolution was a bad move. It’s just the idea that we would even need such a public display in 2019 that rankles. The measure passed overwhelmingly, with no votes cast against it. (Oddly enough, Justin Amash and Thomas Massie – both Republicans – voted present.)

In any event, somebody needs to step in and get a handle on this situation and that job should fall to Nancy Pelosi. Congresswoman Omar has said she apologizes without reservation for her remarks and is grateful to have the opportunity to learn more from her fellow members. But thus far she doesn’t seem to be walking the walk. She’s not alone, either. I give full props to Speaker Pelosi for her recent actions and support for this resolution, but she’s still left herding a group of cats who are dabbling in antisemitism and it’s causing damage to the entire institution.