This story actually took place a couple of days ago, but since I missed it at the time I figured it was worth a quick look in case any of you had also. I’m sure you remember the story of Miles Scott, the five year old leukemia survivor who got to be Batkid for a day, as San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham while Miles saved everyone from various nefarious villains. Pretty much the entire country was swept up in the story, and even a die-hard old cynic like yours truly couldn’t avoid a bit of tearing up (no doubt from the high pollen count that day). It was a darned near perfect story.

So how could anyone have a problem with it? Enter San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar. As the rest of the city came out in droves to cheer Miles on to victory for the good guys, Mar was busy taking to his Twitter account.

As the whole world watched San Francisco transform itself into Gotham City for little Miles Scott, Mar tweeted: “Wondering how many 1000s of SF kids living off SNAP/FoodStamps could have been fed from the $$.”

Faster than you could say “Holy Social Media,” tweeters shot back.

“Denigrating the make a wish program. How incredibly low of you,” one said. “Way to be a wet blanket,” tweeted another. Most of the other replies weren’t printable.

Mar quickly tried to backpedal, with a rather limp sounding qualifier of “ I probably should have started the tweet with, ‘Love the Batkid,’ to be clear that I support …” but it was too late. The damage was done, and it was clear that the Grinch had been exposed and his heart wasn’t going to be growing three sizes that day or any other. But perhaps we shouldn’t be all that surprised at this type of reaction from Mar. Other folks have been doing some digging into this particularly odious politician’s past and found something of a pattern emerging. Mar is a big time, Bloombergesque nanny stater who harbors a pretty hard core, anti-American and anti-police world view. The evidence:

He’s working hard on a Bloomberg style soda tax for San Francisco, saving the citizens from themselves.

He was the author of the now existing ban on toys in Happy Meals, because it could cause children to … oh, I have no idea.

He supported the end of the Junior ROTC program in San Francisco schools. (You don’t want people getting all military, doncha know…)

He supported a resolution to drop all charges against seven cop killers.

He pushed for a 2003 resolution which would have mandated students to miss school to attend an anti-war protest.

This guy is a real piece of work, and no doubt about it. But I suppose if you make the choice to live in San Francisco, you’re going to run into this sort of a fairly frequent basis. And they’re not just walking the streets, either… they are in high city offices. But seriously… the Batkid? This may be a new low for Supervisor Mar.