I have to admit that this is of almost no interest to me, but perhaps some Hot Air readers are caught up in the excitement, so I’ll open up a thread for fans to share updates. It seems to be a big deal on my Twitter timeline (including my breaking news feed) for some reason — and in the American media for even more mysterious reasons. ABC’s breathless coverage of a rich woman going into labor is fairly typical of the coverage I’ve scanned today:

It’s easy to gripe about the amount of attention being focused on a second-order heir to a ceremonial throne to which Americans have zero attachment (and some history about 230 years ago or so), but at least ABC puts it in proper perspective. This is being reported out of their Entertainment section, which is more or less the purpose served by the British royal family in the US. Thankfully, we now know courtesy of ABC that Princess Kate is being attended by the Queen’s gynecologist, which qualifies as the TMI-est TMI of all time.

Anyway, it’s all pretty harmless as long as the child doesn’t start ordering heads cut off as soon as the nurse fixes his (or her) first nappy on the royal bottom. The comic strip Bloom County had a hilarious take on that when William first made his appearance on the royal stage:


If this is your cup of tea (and crumpet), enjoy.  If you’d rather make cynical comments about the spectacle, well … enjoy that, too.