Barack Obama decided to hold a mass indoctrination session national speech for schoolchildren — er, excuse me, schoochildren – on the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, September 8th.  The White House wanted all schools to carry the live address in order to use it as a teaching moment.  Instead, Obama may have made this a learning moment for himself to do a little research before scheduling an event.

Baseball Crank (link mine):

But I’m from New York. When I mentioned this speech to my wife, her immediate reaction was that Obama wasn’t looking at the calendar: the New York City schools, public and private, aren’t even in session yet the day after Labor Day. Obama’s effort to roll this into a massive PR blitz with the following day’s health care speech to a joint session of Congress will fail in my neck of the woods because nobody paid attention to the school calendar.

Moe Lane discovers that Boston and Los Angeles won’t be in session, either:

In Boston, where the union contract does not allow teachers to report to work until after Labor Day, classes will not begin until Thursday, Sept. 10, which allows for two training days before students arrive.

Los Angeles USD has its students arriving on September 9th, presumably for the same reason.  Seattle also starts school on the 9th.  Same for Buffalo, NY and Arlington NY, too. Same for Eugene, OR.  And all of this only took me an hour to check.

I guess Obama won’t be talking about the importance of research in his speech.

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