At first, I was tempted to say, “So what?” We have the current CBO director saying exactly the same thing. Instead of having Douglas Elmendorf, though, Sean Hannity invited Doug Holtz-Eakin, who ran the CBO while the Republicans held the majority. Holtz-Eakin corroborates Elmendorf’s findings, and explains that ObamaCare exacerbates the problems facing the American medical system rather than solving them — especially debt:

Holtz-Eakin makes the point that deficit spending is the real killer facing the Medicare entitlement, and that further deficit spending won’t do anything but make the problem worse. Also, Holtz-Eakin tweaks the Obama administration for not “paying attention” to the CBO’s work since the beginning of the year. If the White House got taken by surprise by the CBO scoring that hit last month, they have no one but themselves to blame. Elmendorf and his team have published a constant stream of data outlining how they saw ObamaCare in its several variations, and all of the indicators showed a massive deficit in Decade One and worse in Decade 2.

As a former CBO director, Holtz-Eakin also emphasizes the inappropriate nature of the meeting between Obama and Elmendorf at the White House. The meeting looked like an attempt to influence and/or intimidate the CBO into producing more sympathetic analyses, Holtz=Eakin states, and blames the White House for even putting Elmendorf into the position of having to say yes to an invitation.

We now have the two CBO directors bookending former CBO director and now Obama budget director Peter Orszag. Obama and Orszag are looking more and more isolated on the notion that spending vast amounts of money will somehow lower the deficit.