JD Johannes, one of the few independent war correspondents who deliver the real story from the front lines, has a new documentary for his Outside the Wire series.  He takes us on patrol in search of a terrorist in Iraq, embedded with American troops operating in a newly-pacified capital.  When a previously-unknown pool of sewage disrupts the plan at the beginning, it only means one thing — Baghdad Happens, baby:

No plan survives first contact with the enemy, even when that “enemy” turns out to be a river of effluvium.  And as JD points out, that’s sometimes a very, very good thing.

JD gives us a great step-by-step narration of the mission, using his wry sense of humor and more than a little insouciance from his position at a bar.  The interviews with the soldiers involved in the mission give us a sense of their dedication and training, and the actual footage taken by JD puts the audience right with them as they carefully work their way through a Baghdad neighborhood.  Will they capture their terrorist target — and what else will they find?  Be sure to watch and find out!

JD will be my guest on Thursday’s Ed Morrissey Show.  We’ll talk about Baghdad Happens, Outside the Wire, and the direction of the war.  Don’t miss it!