I had to figure out which sequel naming convention to use for the RNC’s latest version of “Slippery Slope”:

This is the same basic ad that the RNC released last week, but Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Richardson keep adding clarifications that allow the point to get more and more trenchant.  Thanks to the discovery of Obama’s definition of middle class in 2003, the RNC got to add another surprise ending.  It’s like The Usual Suspects, only we’re not quite sure yet that Obama will slip away and get away with it.

But The Usual Suspects didn’t have any sequels — thank goodness.  Obviously, I needed another movie to provide the new title.  I considered the following:

  • Star Wars (when it was good) – Return of the Tax Hikes.  Not bad, but not quite biting enough.
  • Star Wars (when it stunk) – Revenge of the Tax Hikes.  Better, but who wants to remember the prequel trilogy?  Eccch.
  • Star Trek – The Search For The Middle Class.  Sounds depressing.
  • Lord of the Rings – See the first entry.
  • Evil Dead – Army of Tax Hikes.
  • Halloween – Season of the Taxes.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street – Tax Warriors.  That made it sound too … heroic.
  • Children of the Corn – Tax Nightmare.  I almost chose that one.

Instead, I stuck with the Die Hard series.  What would you have chosen?