House Republicans have attracted most of the attention the last week in the rebellion that erupted after Nancy Pelosi adjourned the session without taking a vote on drilling.  Their colleagues in the upper chamber want to press the case as well.  Fifteen Republican Senators have a new video demanding that Harry Reid allow debate and a vote on a “balanced energy plan”:

In fact, they have a plan in mind already. The Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008 would unlock the OCS and the shale formations in the interior West for exploration and drilling, releasing the potential for millions of barrels a day in increased production. It also increases investment for R&D for high-efficiency batteries for electric cars and trucks and increases resources for regulatory staff at the CFTC to ensure that futures trading doesn’t involve fraud.

I suspect that this will require some horse trading. To get the OCS and shale, the GOP will have to also allow more in terms of conservation and pursuit of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen. It also doesn’t mention anything about nuclear power, which we should pursue immediately. But as an opening bid, the GPRA looks like an excellent entry.