I’m sympathetic to Steve Doocy’s furor here, but only to a point. No one Hardly anyone doubts the jaw-dropping inanity of Keith Olbermann’s broadcasts, especially his “Worst Person In The World” segments, but Doocy may be stepping into Barack Obama territory here:

Well, it depends on the definition of “children”. Conservatives rightly scold liberal commentators for calling our men and women in the armed forces “children”, and for good reason. Doocy’s son is old enough to go to college, which makes him an adult.

Furthermore, Fox put him on their broadcast, one would assume with Doocy’s support. Just as with Michelle Obama, entering the public sphere — especially on a national broadcast covering political topics — means that the contribution is fair game for criticism. Doocy seems to have missed that point, understandably so, but one would expect a professional to comprehend it, especially at Fox. Doocy’s co-anchors should have explained that to him off-camera to avoid this segment.

All that being said, how big of a jerk does a national news anchor have to be to select a college student as the Worst Person in the World? Olbermann long ago crossed the line into national jokehood status, but this does take the cake. Is Doocy’s son worse than Robert Mugabe? Worse than Khaled Mashaal? Osama bin Laden? Worse than thousands of dictators and terrorists who kill other people? Olbermann’s universe seems oddly constricted to whatever MS-NBC allows him to see on the studio monitors.