Well there’s no going back now.  The Ghostbusters remake has officially begun shooting in Boston, and between the leaked photos and some intentional releases by director Paul Feig, we now have a pretty good idea what it will look like.

Here’s the new all-female team of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon wearing the remake’s version of the uniforms:


Here’s a close up of the new proton packs:

Naturally they couldn’t leave ECTO-1 alone either:

Oh, and there’s an ECTO-2 for good measure:


Now now, before you get all excited in the comments, remember that the only reason anyone could possibly dislike any of this is if they’re angry at the cast being all-female.  Only a misogynist, or a woman with internalized misogyny, would be any less than delighted at the prospect of this remake.

Seriously though, Ghostbusters is just one of those properties that needed to be left to history.  It was lightning in bottle, a bit of movie magic that simply cannot be replicated.  It was the product of comedy gods at the the height of their power coming together with a crazy, unique concept that by all rights should have been a total failure.  Even the sequel couldn’t quite recapture the charm of the original, and it had all of the original ingredients of the first one.

The remake not only doesn’t have those ingredients, it’s actually just grabbing stuff off the shelf to fit its incredibly stupid gender-swapping gimmick.  Plus it’s from the team that brought you Bridesmaids and The Heat, which are not exactly going to go down in the annals of history as examples of comedy genius at work. (Personally I thought they were both nearly unwatchable, but I’ve heard there are people out there who found those movies funny.)

They may be out of context and subject to change, but these images don’t seem terribly encouraging either.  They reek of that “changing things for the sake of changing them” trap into which so many remakes and reboots that came before this have already fallen.  As I insinuated on Twitter, the new costumes look like they’re from some kind of direct-to-DVD ripoff that changes things just enough not to get sued for copyright infringement.

Of course it could turn out that Harold Ramis has been animating the whole thing from beyond the grave and it’ll be the funniest thing any of us have ever seen.  Somehow I doubt it, but you tell me.  Am I just getting old enough to join Jazz in telling people to get off my lawn, or does this look as terrible as I think it does?