Of course, we all thought Obama had a comfortable lead in New Hampshire. So there’s that.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Mitt Romney have comfortable leads in Nevada going into Saturday’s presidential campaign caucuses, according to a new Review-Journal poll.

Clinton’s 9-point lead over Barack Obama, 41 percent to 32 percent, maintains the lead she’s held in most state polls despite Obama’s intense efforts to compete here and his recent union endorsements. John Edwards trails with 14 percent of the vote.

Romney’s unique investment in the state appears to be paying off, with the help of the big dive Rudy Giuliani’s numbers have taken after poor showings in previous states.

Romney leads John McCain by 15 points, 34 percent to 19 percent. Giuliani, who led the last Review-Journal poll, is in sixth place.

If the lead holds for Romney, he’ll pick up a second win in a mostly uncontested state, but it’ll still be his third win and if we really are headed for a brokered convention, he’s building up a healthy delegate count. Hillary is doing the same on the Dem side, but the Culinary Union endorsement and casino lawsuit may leave lasting bad blood.