If it seems like we’ve mined Trump’s “Fox & Friends” interview this morning for a lot of content, there’s a reason. He’s not just the president, he’s the most quotable politician in America (sorry, John Kennedy). He was on for nearly an hour and he chose that show because he knows they’ll let him rant and riff about whatever he wants.

The surprise is that there’s anything to blog about today *besides* that.

This is the least important thing he had to say — consider it a palate cleanser if you like — but it’s newsy because (a) the Conways’ weird dynamic is somehow getting weirder and (b) Trump normally never says a word about George, presumably as a favor to Kellyanne. Normally.

That made me laugh since he’s obviously ribbing her a bit about the awkwardness of the situation. I have relatives who’ve made the same joke about men they dislike. But let’s be real: If anyone else had said this, Kellyanne would have had an aneurysm. She cries “sexism” every time someone brings up George to her; bringing him up and then blaming her for his faults would have provoked an unholy stemwinder. If Wolf Blitzer had kidded Kellyanne about it in their interview last week, she would have pulled out a can of gasoline from under the desk and started splashing it around the studio, ready to end this nightmare once and for all.

Right, right, she and Trump are friends, but they’re also boss and employee. And she happens to be an employee who’s been passed over three times in favor of male candidates for the job of chief of staff despite her dogged loyalty to the president. What would the very forward-thinking Kellyanne Conway say about Joe Biden, for instance, teasing a senior woman advisor that she “did a number” on her kooky husband?

Maybe we’ll get to find out. It’s easy to imagine Grandpa Joe making this joke too.

Anyway, when I say that the Conways’ predicament is getting weirder, I mean it. It’s already freak-show weird, but now it’s getting pitiful-weird:

That’s the other thing that’s changed lately, not just Trump blasting Conway when given the opportunity but Conway tweeting about Kellyanne, either explicitly, as here, or implicitly. Any day now they’re going to be flaming each other on Twitter. MAGA World has already gotten the green light to go after George, apparently. Now the president’s getting in on it too. There’s only one step left to take.