Does it matter who the guests are on this week’s Sunday shows? The reason to watch is to see how each program tries to shoehorn coverage of every major news story in the past seven days into 60 minutes:

— Government shutdown over border-wall funding
— Withdrawal from Syria
— Partial withdrawal from Afghanistan
— Mattis resignation
— Trump trying to influence his acting AG over the Cohen prosecution
— Trump thinking of firing his own handpicked Fed chair
— North Korea balking at denuclearization
— Mike Flynn’s aborted sentencing
— Growing tension between Trump and Republicans in Congress over all of the above

There may be two or three new bonkers stories between the time I’m writing this on Saturday and airtime, so feel free to add to the list as necessary. The most noteworthy guest scheduled is Rand Paul, one of two Republicans in the Senate (the other is Mike Lee) excited by Trump’s isolationist turn. He’ll be on “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to cheerlead the Syria and Afghanistan decisions. Following him on the first program will be Liz Cheney and on the second Bob Corker; they will … not be cheerleading. Also not cheerleading will be Obama’s Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, who’ll sit down with “Fox News Sunday” to praise Mattis and fret that the last “adult” in the administration has left the room.

The full line-up is at the AP.