Via Newsbusters, I read the tweet the same way Sanders does. It’s the problem of sanctuary cities that’s “breeding,” he means to say. But Trump sometimes sounds in his tweets like English is a second language for him, ironically. Who the hell comes up with “breeding concept” when they mean to say (I think) “growing problem” or “spreading crisis”?

The media is convinced that he’s prejudiced against Latinos, for some understandable reasons, so he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt on ambiguous language when he’s discussing immigration. Lest they doubt his deep appreciation of Latino culture, though, need I remind them of the time he ate a taco bowl at Trump Tower to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Or, more substantively, that a few months ago he offered to make citizens of upwards of two million DREAMers? That would signal a certain comfort level with Hispanic Americans, one would think.

Important people are upset, though:

It’s not just Acosta this time, as you’ll see. He broaches the subject but April Ryan and another reporter follow on. Maybe we’ll get a presidential clarification and a new broadside about “fake news” on Twitter tomorrow morning.