It’s a slo-o-ow Christmas Eve slate on the Sunday shows this morning, with guests ranging from Democrats who reliably bash Trump to Republicans who reliably bash Trump. From the left it’s Bernie Sanders, who’s been a guest on one program or another seemingly every week since the tax-reform ball started rolling. He’ll be on “State of the Union” to dismiss the new law as a corporate giveaway and a Christmas present for the rich. From the right it’s Jeff Flake, who’ll sit down with “This Week” and maybe possibly conceivably might have something nice to say about the president on the occasion of major legislation finally passing Congress. Expect him to throw a few jabs at Trump and Bannon for their role in the debacle in Alabama, though, and to field a question or two about Trump hosting potential Flake replacement Kelli Ward at Mar-a-Lago on Friday. Will Flake call her a flake? Odds are good.

Elsewhere, White House legislative director Marc Short will be on “Fox News Sunday” to take a tax-reform victory lap and, more importantly, to hammer the point that the vast majority of taxpayers are getting a tax cut next year. It’s astounding how successful Democrats and the media have been in spreading lies to the contrary. Oh well. A hundred million people being pleasantly surprised when they see less withholding in their first paycheck in January will be a nice boost politically for the GOP in the new year. The full line-up is at the AP.