Yeah? The woman at ABC who sat across from him trying to talk business while he whacked it under his desk in front of her isn’t in the mood for apologies? Go figure.

Via the Free Beacon, here’s one of the more loathsome moments in the history of “Morning Joe.” A few days ago an anguished Brzezinski complained on air that the #MeToo frenzy had now reached a stage where any woman could destroy a man’s career by falsely accusing him. That was an overstatement but it’s a real concern as people like Harold Ford and Ryan Lizza, whose supposed misconduct remains vague and involves a single woman in each case, end up getting pink-slipped.

But now here she is going to bat for Halperin, a longtime contributor to MJ and a personal friend, on grounds that his victims aren’t being compassionate enough towards him. He’s ready to apologize, says Mika! I’ve tried to make it happen but these damned women won’t hear the poor guy out! Do note: Some of the allegations against Halperin, including the masturbation one I mentioned above, involve incidents that happened *20 years ago*. He had 20 years in some cases to seek these women out and apologize if he was sincerely sorry. Only now, though, with his career in ruins, is there apparently an effort to do so. If you were someone who’d been victimized by Halperin, would you want to graciously sit through an opportunistic “sorry I got caught” quasi-apology now that he’s desperate for good PR to get his job back? Why should you do him a favor?

There’s no way to watch this without concluding that Brzezinski’s crocodile tears the other day about falsely accused men is actually special pleading and career rehab for pals like Halperin, who’s admitted that he engaged in misconduct. And the punchline, as you’ll see if you watch the full clip, is that it comes in the context of a long whinge by her and Scarborough about Al Franken being shoved out of the Senate for comparatively minor misconduct, with no due process in the form of an ethics investigation. We must distinguish serious misconduct with lots of credible evidence supporting it from lesser cases where the evidence isn’t nearly as clear, intones Joe. Right. Yet here’s Mika doing precisely the opposite, using the Franken situation as a springboard to argue that it’s time for Halperin’s many accusers to suck it up, forgive, and maybe let her buddy have his life back. Franken got railroaded (or so MJ would have you believe) and now poor Mark Halperin is kinda sorta being railroaded too. Life is so unfair. She actually claims in Halperin’s defense at one point that he’s willing to “face the music” despite his unwillingness to face it for 20 farking years. Loathsome.