Via Breitbart. Thanks to Fox News’s rules, this is the guy who might take Bobby Jindal’s spot at the first GOP presidential debate in August. He’s ranked in the top five in more than one Republican 2016 poll, no doubt by dint of pure name recognition. If he decides to run — which is unlikely, but work with me here — he’ll probably be one of the 10 who make the cut for the debate. And that’ll turn it into the Trump show for the media, no matter how eager GOP voters might be to hear, say, Rubio go at it with Rand Paul on foreign policy instead. You would think, if he’s going to tease the press with the thought of a presidential run, he’d do it as a Democrat to take advantage of Hillary’s celebrity. The trainwreck spectacle of Donald Trump, of all people, blasting away at Her Majesty over things like trade and her refusal to take tough questions from the press would be pure heroin for journalists. Listening to him here, he sounds like a natural fit.

I wonder how much cred Trump gets from Republican populists for sheer pugnacity. Could any random celebrity get a semi-serious look from part of the GOP base just by being vehemently critical of Obama and offering red meat on things like immigration and China? If Trump’s going to run, we might as well have other right-leaning celebs, like Jon Voight or Robert Duvall, onstage too. Maybe that could be part three of the CNN debate format.