What could go wrong?

Jim Geraghty predicts that O will say that he refuses to compromise with Republicans because they’re, er, being obstinate. If, if, Obama is interested in a deal, now’s the time to pay some lip service to all sides of the O-Care debate for having made their points eloquently and to urge them to move expeditiously towards funding the government. If, however, Obama’s more interested in a shutdown — and lots of Democrats are, since they think they’ll win big politically from it — then now’s the moment for him to take a dump on the GOP, angering Republicans and giving tea partiers new reason to pound the table against reaching any compromises with The One. Let’s see Boehner negotiate his way out of that one.

Odds of a metaphor about hostages, terrorists, or anti-American insurrectionists slipping into O’s speech: 65 percent.

Update: Friday news dump: Obama just announced that he spoke to Iran’s new “moderate” president by phone. Even MSNBC employees know what’s coming now:

Update: If you missed the presser, this about sums it up: