To cleanse the palate, don’t let the fact that he’s endorsing a Democrat stop you from enjoying this. Three reasons why. One: You like Steve Martin. Everyone likes Steve Martin. C’mon. Two: How often is a celebrity endorsement entertaining rather than obnoxious? If you’re going to take the “my opinion matters because I make movies” approach, at least reward my investment of time in your shpiel with some amusement. Done and done here. Three: His candidate of choice, Bob Kerrey, is predictably getting crushed in the Nebraska polls by GOP nominee Deb Fischer. Anything could happen, I guess, but right now Kerrey’s trailing by ~15 points while Larry Sabato has the race as a likely Republican pick-up, the only one in the country outside of Ted Cruz’s bid in Texas to merit that rating without an incumbent on the ticket. Not even Steve Martin circa 1978 could save this guy.

Exit question: Time to counter the Martin endorsement with a Bill Murray endorsement? Quote: “I think we ought to be personally responsible.”