I can’t find the clip online but, via Fox Insider, he actually told Huckabee this afternoon, “[T]here may be a debate […] between Romney and me.” Delusional and desperate for attention: When exactly did Newt turn into Mirlande Wilson?

It’s time for an intervention. We need the one person he respects above all others to go pat him on the back, congratulate him on his indefatigability, and tell him that it’s time for the lion in winter to retreat to his lair. How about it, Mr. Toffler?

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was just on the Mike Huckabee Radio show, and commented on Santorum suspending his own presidential campaign just moments ago. On the show, Gingrich discussed finally getting to be ’1-on-1′ with Romney, how he will campaign going forward, and a possible debate in North Carolina with the current front-runner…

“I am not focused on going after Romney; I want to focus on the issues and Barack Obama. I will admit it was a slugging match in Florida; people who like me don’t want me down in the gutter. We will see what Governor Romney decides. I am going to focus on the Republican platform and why Obama is a grave threat to this country.”

“Our folks are making calls to undecideds and those for Rick [Santorum]; we have been talking to someone in North Carolina, and there may be a debate […] between Romney and me. I would like to have an open dialogue – just the two of us, a chat.”

He told Hannity later this afternoon that Bubba Watson wasn’t leading at the start of the last day of the Masters either, but hey. Any Newt fans want to hazard a theory of why Romney would ever, ever, ever agree to another primary debate now that his chief competitor just dropped out and he’s finally free to turn his attention to Obama? Newt’s now reached the check-bouncing stage of his campaign; so desperate for cash is he that the “home” link on his campaign website redirects repeatedly to the donations page. Why embarrass himself by even suggesting that Romney might agree to it?

For your evening viewing pleasure, here’s Santorum’s spokesman on “Hardball” today dancing around the campaign’s obvious disdain for Romney. Damning-with-faint-praise exit quotation about Mitt: “He’s more conservative than Barack Obama, and that’s what we’re all going to have to come to grips with.”