A video hors d’oeuvre to whet your appetite for breakfast tomorrow. Seriously, whether you love Palin or hate her, why on earth would anyone watch you-know-who over at GMA instead of this? If you’re some kind of hardcore Katie fan who simply can’t digest morning yakfests unless they’re extra extra perky, good news — she’ll be there all week. Besides, what’s the hook except that it’s Couric doing the usual news and interviews instead of Robin Roberts? (Some GMA staffers aren’t happy about that substitution.) With Palin on “Today,” anything can happen. She could be great! Or some liberal guest could get snotty with her, leading to an angry exchange! Or there could be lots of awkward silences between her, Lauer, and company as they try to ignore their mutual hostility! Or something else could happen! You never know, whereas you know exactly how it’s going to go over on ABC.

Two clips for you here, one of her chatting with Lauer et al. and the other via Mediaite of McCain reacting. Based on how pleasant and chummy this segment was, they might as well offer her a contract. Good lord.

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