Believe it or not, at the moment no one outside the Democratic and Republican leadership is sure which riders are in the budget deal and which aren’t. The ban on funding for D.C. abortions is surely in; presumably the voucher program for D.C. schools is in too. So here’s newly elected Mayor Vincent Gray, who’s adamantly pro-choice when it comes to pregnancies but not so much when it comes to schools, banking some grassroots cred by standing up to the malefactors who threw the District “under the bus” last week to get what they wanted. By which, of course, I mean Barack Obama and the congressional Democratic caucus.

Speaking of abortion and the budget deal, be sure to read Timothy Carney’s stark assessment of what Democrats will and won’t yield on. As was the case in Wisconsin, if you want to defund the money machines that bankroll liberal politicians, you’ll need total Republican control of government to do it. A lesson for 2012 and every cycle thereafter.